i love guns <3
i like to write these little websites every couples months to see if i still got it.
i feel like an old man. i guess i still got that flame haha.

i think some pretty bad things

but sometimes idk if im normal or not. it drives me crazy
idk what to do
i dont wanna call myself creative. im not. i just spit out what i see
keeping this little journal in dreamland. maybe it will keep me sane.
it's strange bc sometimes i feel like im crazy and next thing
i just feel normal. and i dont feel like i was crazy.
so i question if the way i felt was legit and idk.
i dont really wanna go back to the therapist
last one didnt rlly understand the scope of my shit
just hope i return to normal myself

- ak 6/17/2022
motherboard is dying...